Welcome to Baker’s Farm

After crossing the gate of a rural yard, you can immerse yourself in a different world for a moment and take a break from the everyday rush and hustle-and-bustle.

The Baker’s Farm is an unusual place. Among the buildings belonging to the „POLA” Bakery in Stasin, a space was created in which time stopped several decades ago. One of the attractions is the restored wooden country house from the first half of the 20th century. It has two separate tiled kitchens, as well as antique, but still working appliances and furniture from times when everything had to be solid to serve for generations. The house has the necessary amenities to ensure accommodation for up to 8 people.

On the other side of the yard a small village bakery has been reconstructed, with a large bread oven and a smoking chamber. That is the place where you can experience the smell and taste of our famous „Wygnanowski” Rye Bread and Spelled Bread – sourdough organic breads, baked as it was done a hundred years ago in country houses. Here you can savor excellent onion rolls “cebularz lubelski”, which are baked according to a strictly observed recipe, by a bakery which as one of the few in the world has the Protected Geographical Indication * certificate.

And last but not least, the yard itself with a flower bed, which in spring and summer fills with buzzing bees and bumblebees. Here you can sit on a bench next to a 300-year-old lime tree and rest for a while. But you can also stay longer and sleep comfortably in one of the rooms in our house, and for breakfast eat delicious scrambled eggs, a gift from our happy free-range hens.

Visit us necessarily. Take your family or your friends and spend memorable moments here.

*_the certificate relates to the production of onion roll „cebularz lubelski”, which is produced exclusively in the Lublin region; as at August 1st 2017, the Protected Geographical Indication certificate for the production of onion bulbs was owned by 3 bakeries in the world, including the „POLA” Bakery in Stasin